Quotes on Feelings


As long as I can remember, music has played a big part in my emotional health. I spent alone hours upon hours in my room listening to AM radio, vinyl 45s and albums, and later, FM radio. 

Music gave me hope and helped me feel less alone. You can read more about my music memories in my Soul Music series beginning here. If you like scientific studies on the power of music, read this article.

Anyway, when I began thinking about quotes on feelings, my mind began thinking about song lyrics. But, I want to respect the copyrights of all songwriters, so I won’t be posting any lyrics here. My quotes relate to the feelings that music invokes or the impact of music on us emotionally.

After the quotes, you will find links to my mix tape of favorite memory-inducing songs.

Feelings quote 1
Feelings quote 2
Feelings quote 3
Feelings quote 4
Feelings quote 5
Feelings quote 6
feelings quote 7
feelings quote 8

Let us find a good musician to play the harp whenever the tormenting spirit troubles you. He will play soothing music, and you will soon be well again.

1 Samuel 16:16

Dana’s Memory Lane Mix Tape:

Tell me what songs spark your memories by leaving a comment below!

3 responses to “Quotes on Feelings”

  1. Wonderful songs!
    I have so many but off the top of my head, “Because He Lives”
    “Time in a Bottle”
    “Brown eyed girl”

    1. Yes, great songs! The radio played Time in a Bottle sooo much, I loved singing along. Thank you for sharing your memory mix!

      1. You are welcome. Thanks for your post. 😊

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