Quotes for Humor in Self-care


Ready for some quotes on humor? Laughter is like therapy. Laughing can lighten your mood and lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety. Laughter is contagious and reinforces connections with others. Laughing can also help you physically. Have you heard of Laughter Yoga? (Really, it’s a thing. I wonder if they still do Goat Yoga?)

Find a way to add laughter to your day! Read my list of suggestions here.

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humor quote
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9 responses to “Quotes for Humor in Self-care”

  1. Grant at Tame Your Book!

    Excellent quotes. Thanks, Dana!

  2. Love these – such great perspective and smiles!

  3. And we should never forget to lough about ourselves. (As you mentioned it, in India it is quite common that old guys meet in the park every day just to laugh. Without specific reason….)

    1. Yes, so true! I would enjoy seeing that group.

  4. Love these! Laughter is wonderful πŸ’›

    1. I agree! Thanks for reading!

      1. You are welcome! πŸ™‚

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