Why We Need Humor in Self-care

Why We Need Humor in Self-care

We need humor in self-care for the positive benefits, both physical and mental. Humor and laughter elevates our attitude and increases our ability to deal with stress. Laughing out loud boosts our immune systems. Read more benefits in this article by Psychology Today.

Our latest self-care tip: find something that makes you laugh and enjoy daily.

Ways to find humor:

  • Relieve stress: watch slapstick comedy like Buster Keaton or Laurel and Hardy, or movies like Home Alone or Nacho Libre.
  • Refocus your mind away from troubles or worries: read Calvin and Hobbes or other light-hearted comic strips.
  • Get a mental boost after mentally taxing work: find puns and goofy dad jokes.
  • Download the “Angel Studios” app and stream family-friendly standup comedians from Dry Bar Comedy Club. (You can also stream every episode of The Chosen.)
  • Search “YouTube” for funny videos. There is a reason America’s Home Videos has been on the air for 33 years!
  • Create something silly, like a drawing, poem, or song.
  • Listen to “Silly Songs” by Veggie Tales. (Warning: You won’t get “My Cheeseburger” out of your head!)

Can Humor in Our Self-Care Plan include Rap?

And that sets up the perfect transition for my “Coronation Rap.” Spoiler Alert: “Coronation Rap” is absolute silliness!

I have always been interested in coronations. It is amazing what traditions survive over hundreds of years. Read my original Coronation Day post about Queen Elizabeth here.

A few minutes after I had watched the coronation ceremony of King Charles, these lyrics popped into my head. Not sure why, but here they are, in a rap. The rap plays in my head like the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The name is Charles
and I’m the king.
We had a gig
to show off my things.
I have two sticks
and an orb,
and I have a lady
to carry my sword.
I have some robes
and a couple of crowns,
and a golden carriage
to ride around town.
It was a good show
that you can see
in reruns on the BBC.

If anybody out there raps, I give you permission to use my lyrics, with the condition that when it goes viral, and the money rolls in, you share the royalties with me. Wait, royalty? Hold on, I feel a second verse coming on!

A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.

Proverbs 17:22

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