This is Not the End of the Story

This is Not the End of the Story

Meet my lovely 81-year-old mom. She lives with my sister and spends her days listening to audio books. She lost her vision in 1998 to a drug interaction, and 9 years later, she lost her husband to cancer. Mom wondered if her story was over. But God proved she had more chapters to come, and even today is not the end of the story.

After our dad passed, my mom and sister were “adopted” by a local church they had never attended. Receiving the loving care needed, they renewed their faith and made new friends. One church couple became part of our family, and when they adopted a baby girl, our family grew by one more.

Fast forward and that baby girl, Miriam, started middle school. The private school has a unique hybrid program, with three days a week in the classroom and two days a week in home study. My sister works from home and helped with home study. Mom also stepped in and tutored Miriam with vocal drills. Turns out Miriam is a verbal learner. Mom now has a new purpose for her days, and Miriam’s grades have improved.

Today is Not the End of the Story

No matter what has happened in the past, what may happen now, or what we imagine happening in the future, today is not the end of the story. God always has another chapter in store for us!

And, if we know Jesus as Lord, when we finish our earthly chapters, we will enjoy our final heavenly chapter for the rest of eternity.

And I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.

Philippians 1:6 TLB

Our great desire is that you will keep on loving others as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. Then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance.

Hebrews 6:11-12 NLT

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV

Photo attribution: My sister snapped Mom grabbing the end of her current book. Miriam waits patiently for study time, while Contessa and Olive are more interested in nap time.

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