God Talking and 80s Music

God Talking and 80s Music

Is God talking to you? Last night, a song kept playing in my head, one I hadn’t heard in years. Like from-the-80s years. I had to find it. Sometimes listening to a song that pops in my head keeps it from becoming a multi-week ear worm. Can anyone relate to this? The song was “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by an Australian band Crowded House. Why this song? Why now?

3 days earlier

Attending my first event with over five people since covid. I felt uncomfortable, insecure, and isolated in the crowd, even though I know many of those attending and working the event. The keynote speaker was a successful writer with best sellers and tv shows and movies to her credit. My husband, Grant, spoke about the pros and cons of self-publishing. Why was I there? Why now? Did I even belong here?

The next couple of days, my inner-zombies began stalking me. The hideous green-eyed monster of envy, the rotten-smelling creature of self-doubt, the Frankenstein-like creation of self-recrimination. Why do I keep trying? Does my work really matter? Is there anybody out there?

Is God talking?

Now this song. When Crowded House released this song in 1986, it won accolades and awards. Song writer and singer Neil Finn said, “In a sense, it was a private message from me to someone who was withdrawing from their world.” He was encouraging them to not give up.

This morning, in my devotion from Billy Graham’s Hope for Today, I read: “God’s calling is noble whether He calls you to parenthood, a million-dollar company, or the mission field. The determining factor in a position’s worth is not the monetary pay but whether or not it’s within God’s will. What’s God’s call on your life?”

God has a way of getting our attention, of opening our hearts and minds to hear Him. He can even use a song from the 80s.

How is God talking to you?

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  1. I think you meant, “He especially uses songs from the 80’s.” 🙂 I think all avenues of communication count and I love this post reminding me so.

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