Worriers Who Want Peace Can Control Anxiety With Self-care

self-care and control

My efforts to control anxiety with self-care are not easy. I have moments where I imagine that I really have made no progress. But I have to stand up against those shadowy thoughts that hide in the dark corners of my mind and call them out for what they are, ghosts from my past that no longer have any power over me. 

Some days, I feel stronger than others. I may begin to listen to the doubts as they whisper from the darkness. But unlike a cliched horror film, I realize I shouldn’t go see what that noise is, or go up those stairs, or see what is behind that door. Nope. Just stay where I am, turn on the lights, and call for help. 

How do we call for help? By reaching out for what we know will encourage us. For example:

  • taking time for prayer,
  • texting or talking with someone we trust,
  • playing with pets,
  • listening to music or a podcast, or
  • going outdoors.

Finding something to ground us in the moment that allows us to take a breath and refocus our minds on what we do control: only ourselves. Rehearse what you have accomplished and go forward positively.  

Self-care and Your Circle of Control

Remember our motto: progress, not perfection!

Learning about the circle of control can help to redirect and refocus thoughts. In my analogy of control, imagine you are an airplane pilot. You can control everything in the cockpit, namely yourself, but you have no control of what is going on outside the cockpit, like weather, representing factors outside yourself.

As we make plans and set goals for ourselves, control anxiety with self-care by keeping in mind our circle of control will help us avoid unrealistic expectations or crossing over into worry, protecting and encouraging our mental health.

Jesus is an inexhaustible resource of comfort and strength. If you don’t know Him personally, and want to know more about becoming a Christian, I encourage you to take a walk with me along the Roman Road.

Your life will never be the same.

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And if worry can’t accomplish a little thing like that, what’s the use of worrying over bigger things?

Luke 12:25-26 NLT

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