Soul Music Promises

Soul Music Promises

As Chicago was colouring my world at prom and I was about to boogie onto the disco scene, my father left without a word. This was my first introduction to the reality that life can change without notice.

A couple of years later, my mom remarried, and a man who redefined our entire perspective on what it means to be a dad adopted us. He was loving, supportive, and kind, accepting us wholeheartedly as his own. Years later, his example would make it possible for me to put my trust in my heavenly Father and his promises.

Revelation of the Promises

My dad succumbed to cancer much too soon. My sister told me, as he was dying, he saw a glimpse of his final destination. He said Jesus had beautiful eyes. For my sister, that experience gave us a lifeline of hope. She says anything we may go through in this life is worth enduring for the promise of that beautiful heaven.

On a Sunday not long after my dad went to glory, we sang “The Revelation Song” at church. The powerful lyrics seemed to bring his experience to life for me and I cry every time I hear this song. Written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Phillips, Craig, and Dean’s recording received a Dove Award for worship song of the year.

Soul Music Promises

Later, when I attended a church with a traditional service, I heard the promises of God through the lyrics of old hymns. Based on Bible passages and concepts, these timeless hymns can touch your soul, renew your strength, and comfort your mind. Many of the hymns have amazing stories about the circumstances of their authors. Robert J. Morgan has a wonderful series of four books on the subject.

Praise and worship music can bring you closer to God. The Bible tells us that King David was a man after God’s own heart. He wrote much of the Book of Psalms, which are praise and worship music. Over 55 Psalms begin with the phrase, “for the director of music.” If David drew his reassurance from praise, so can we. Lift your voice and connect to our great God, taking to heart His great and precious promises.

What is your favorite praise and worship song or hymn? Please share in the comments below.

And then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea. They sang: “Blessing and honor and glory and power belong to the one sitting on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever.”

Revelation 5:13

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  1. Love the Revelation song. I have so many favorites, its hard to pick just one. Some of my favorite hymns are Because He Lives and Amazing Grace. Praise songs are Power of His Love, Days of Elijah and more .

    1. Yes, some of my favorites too! I’m don’t know Days of Elijah, I will look for it, thank you!

      1. You are very welcome! I hope you enjoy it. Have a good day!

      2. Found Days of Elijah on YouTube, very uplifting, thank you!

      3. My pleasure! So glad you liked it!

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