God created us in His image and gave us His best gift: creativity. There is always a part of us that wants to create. Being creative keeps our brains healthy and our souls connected to the Creator.

Creativity is a gift of life

Creative activities combining the use of our hands and minds help us. We can enhance our mental and physical functions and reduce stress. Hospitals include Art Therapy in their treatment programs, enhancing recovery in everything from physical trauma and chemotherapy response, to overcoming depression and abuse.

In other words, being talented is not the point. In fact, working with unfamiliar materials or techniques encourages growth, experimentation, and moving beyond the perfection ideology. There is no such thing as failure—only fun!

God created you to be creative

In his book Life Without Lack, Dallas Willard explains our innate need to create: “Being made in God’s image means, among other things, that you also are an eternal being and you can create. But, unlike God, you are not self-subsistent; you are dependent upon God for your being. By making you in his image, God has given you, in your will, the power of originative action, the power to create and to bring things into existence.”

Still looking for Christmas ideas? Consider encouraging someone with a gift of creativity. Just to let you know, the products I recommend I personally enjoy and contain affiliate links. It helps me if you click but doesn’t add any cost to you.The Message Canvas Bible is like a ready-made art journal containing beautiful illustrations for coloring. A great way to add God’s Word, and fun creativity to someone’s day!

Stampington Banner

Also, try a subscription to one of Stampington’s various publications. For more that 25 years, they’ve filled each issue with beautiful photographs and mixed-media storytelling. The company has been a leading source of information and inspiration for arts and crafts lovers, mindful living, and women’s interests, delivering creative DIY content. Check out my Stampington’s page for special offers on these beautiful and unique publications and other resources, like instructional videos.

Treat Yourself!

Have you had trouble finding a creative activity you really love? Get on your computer and try Canva! This amazing design program is packed with so many ways to be creative. Would you like to take your social media content to a whole new level? Don’t stop there! You can create anything in Canva: invitations, teacher worksheets, videos, slideshows, comic strips, books. The list is endless. They even offer printing services. Make t-shirts and coffee mugs, too.

For instance, I enjoy Pinterest and create pins to promote my blog. I’m not exactly technically gifted and was easily frustrated by other design programs. Canva is intuitive, very user friendly, and fun to use. For example, you can see a fun movie trailer for a book along with a short tutorial on my favorite writer’s website, Okay, full disclosure, Grant is my husband. ☺️

You can have a free account, but I recommend going Pro. For the monthly price of two coffees, you have access to current-trend templates you can customize with 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics to use anywhere and everywhere. Also, they have the training you need to create engaging content.

Get Build A Life of Peace Workbook

I created this fun workbook, including all the graphic pages, using Canva Pro!

Nurture your God-Given Creativity

Above all, if you long to create but have yet to sense your God-given abilities, check out Canva. Many artists and professional designers use Canva, and enter their periodic design competitions. Seeing their entries is truly inspiring. Get your creativity humming and discover your inner-artist!

Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. He chose to give birth to us by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his prized possession.

James 1:17-18

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  1. Grant

    Thanks, Dana! It’s fun to explore the free and inexpensive ways to become more creative. The joy came as I practiced new skills and shared what I learned with others.

    May God continue to bless all the work of your hands!

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