Summer is all about soaking up the sun! What is your favorite choice? Beach, backyard deck, pool, park, or lakeside? Nothing says summer like loads of fresh fruit by the poolside and firing up the grill. Check out Tast of Home’s 100 of the Best Grilling Recipes!

Focus on Summer Fruits:

  • Glass pitchers full of sparking water infused with mint and strawberries.
  • Drink dispensers of sweet tea with peach slices.
  • Lemonade with sliced lemons and limes.
  • Berries on your cupcakes for dessert. Serve a colorful assortment of fruit on trays.
  • Hollow out a watermelon and fill with fruit salad.
  • Hollow out a pineapple and fill with fresh-cut flowers, save the pineapple cubes for your KBOBs on the grill.
  • Create a watermelon “cake.”
  • Hollow out oranges and fill with flowers.
  • Serve watermelon chunks on popsicle sticks.
  • Create frozen popsicles with fruit chunks.

Keep bottled or canned drinks in small inflatable kiddie pools filled with ice.

Let your yard be your natural decor. Add beach towels, lawn chairs, and big umbrellas for shade. Turn on the string lights after dark!

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