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Halloween is our third most popular holiday, coming right behind Christmas and Thanksgiving. What a fun way to be creative and relate to your inner child. Do you remember the tie-in-the-back costume you put on over your clothes with the matching plastic mask? We always bought mine at the TG&Y!

Do you like scary realism or goofy fun? Looking for clever ways to make costumes, serve food, or decorate pumpkins (using everything from paint to cookie cutters)? A simple place to find ideas is on Pinterest.

But, as Christians, should we take part in Halloween? This article written by Focus on the Family says, “Most of the debate surrounding the celebration of Halloween focuses on the celebration’s unhealthy fascination with evil. Now, are there things about Halloween that are clearly Anti-Christian? Absolutely. Is there anything inherently evil about letting your kids dress up as a cheerleader or superhero to ask for candy from their neighbors? Not necessarily!”

Covering the history of Halloween, they offer this advice: “Follow the conviction of your own heart through the Holy Spirit so that, whatever your family decides, others might see Christ working through you.”

As an alternative, many churches plan fall carnivals or trunk-or-treat events. In the small town where I live, all the historic downtown businesses hand out candy along the sidewalks. The police block traffic for the parade of costumed kiddos to get their candy bags filled to the brim!

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