Encouragement: The Red Sea Rules and The Jordan River Rules

By Robert J. Morgan

The Red Sea Rules
The Jordan River Rules

During my search for an emotional escape plan, I found The Red Sea Rules and The Case for Grace. Both recommendations are filled with examples of God’s endless love and grace. You would have a tough time denying the goodness of God after reading these books.

Robert Morgan is easy to read, relatable, actionable. I keep a prayer journal and continue to read the ten Red Sea rules at least once a week! You will learn new insights into Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea. From Morgan’s stories and the scriptures he uses, we feel confident God is still acting on our behalf today.

Continue the journey by reading Morgan’s follow-up book, The Jordan River Rules. It tells the story of the Israelites finally taking their Promised Land after 40 years in the desert. Both books fill you with hope. I recommend reading The Red Sea Rules first!