Devotionals: Finding Peace

By Dana Ferguson

Finding Peace

In the fall of 2018, my life took a mental health detour. Circumstances involving family members opened emotional wounds I thought had healed. I reeled from an unexpected resurgence of rejection, neglect, and self-hatred.

During my battle, I turned to God and began an intense period of reflection, Bible study, and prayer. This path was my choice. If you feel overwhelmed, please consider professional help.

My study notes became a blog, podcast, and book. By sharing my thoughts and feelings, and comparing them to what God says in the Bible, I hope you find a personal relationship with God. The Holy Words that lead me in wholeness and peace will do the same for you, but not necessarily in the same way. God knows what you need and He will guide you to your answers.

Fun fact: I painted the cover art for the book on a day when the voice of perfectionism lost control of my brain—temporarily, at least!

This is a beautifully written, down-to-earth collection of daily devotions from a “Regular Girl.” She deals with so many everyday challenges that each of us faces in our lifetime. Dana expresses her deepest feelings with great honesty and hope. Each chapter provides wisdom, hope, courage and love. They are lyrical, poetic and wise. I highly recommend and praise this gem of a book.

– P.W.