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Christmas celebrations are unique and diverse. Have you created your own traditions or have you maintained traditions from your childhood? These traditions can be small or large, and, whether you begin a new one or carry on an old one, traditions offer continuity, comfort, and a foundation for building memories. As a child in the 60s, it wasn’t really the Christmas season unless we have watched a Burl Ives voiced snowman tell the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! As your children get older, allow them to create a new family tradition.

Making Christmas Memories

I remember my grandmother decorating the Christmas tree with multitudes of individually placed, sparkling silver, tinsel strands. Little did I realize later, when trying to duplicate this beauty on my tree, it is hard work and required a talent that I apparently did not possess! So, Plan B, creating a tree with mismatched, collected over-the-years ornaments with multi-colored light strings. Each member of the family was free to choose their “ornament of the year” to add to the collection. Perhaps you will choose to go modern, like an aluminum tree. A favorite on Pinterest is creating scenes for your Elf on the Shelf. And, yes, I have my complete Christmas Village stored away in the attic! Maybe, in some ambitious year, I will display it again.

Do you drive around town looking at a light display? Travel to the great outdoors to cut down your own tree? Put Christmas decorations in every room of the house? Have an advent calendar filled with daily treats. Open gifts on Christmas Eve or morning? Begin by attending Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at your church? Buy gifts for everyone, draw names, or just buy for the children?

Pajamas, socks, or something else?

I know a family of eight who does the matching pajamas every year. As the family grew by marriages and more children, it was really something to see! Instead of pajamas, what about socks? Much less expensive, easier to find, and you don’t have to worry about size. How about animal-themed slippers? Or, design and have printed custom t-shirts on one of the many websites available. Do you have a favorite breakfast treat or travel for a family lunch or dinner?

However small, embrace old and new traditions at Christmas and promote lifelong memories. Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season. May His Spirit of kindness and generosity be present in all your celebrations!

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