Apps-Streaming: The Chosen

By Angel Studios

The Chosen Image

This program is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. Currently, with two seasons completed, it is the highest crowd-funded media project of all time. A Hollywood studio or network does not sponsor it.

Dallas Jenkins, son of Jerry Jenkins, writer of the successful Left Behind book series, created the project. Dallas is a writer and the director. They are currently funding and filming season three, and you can access the first two seasons free with their app, or you can purchase DVDs on their website.

The series is, in a single word, incredible. It brings to life what I have only tried to imagine. If you are like me, it is challenging to knowing how things happened at the time Jesus lived on Earth. The quality of the production is impressive and powerful. Unlike a lot of Christian productions, it is not cheesy (sorry, but true). Admittedly, I cry in every episode. You will love watching The Chosen.